About Us

History and organization of HOPE Initiative

Several meetings after being formed initially as a task force charged to study poverty issues confronting the city, HOPE Initiative was born. While yet deeply committed to addressing the city’s economic plight, HOPE Initiative, with input, over time, of more than a hundred citizens, enlarged its territory to include all citizens of New Castle and surrounding areas: The mission is to ensure that every citizen in this area be afforded dignity, no matter his/her station in life.

How will dignity for everyone look? We have gone initially to the basics: Is equitable thought given to every part of the city and surrounding areas when it comes to cleanliness, to safety, to enforcement of ordinances, to police protection, to education for our children, to family security and well-being, to community spirit, health and entertainment? While celebrating the area’s assets (and there are many), our hope is to partner with existing entities whenever possible in facilitating warranted change. For example, we partner with ICAP and HUD in hosting the Poverty Simulation. We partner with ICAP, HUD, Habitat for Humanity, and the City of New Castle in addressing the housing situation in the city. We partner with several churches and the LOVE Center on the “back to school” festival, scheduled for this fall. We lobby the City government for help in addressing scholarships for economically strapped citizens using the local pool. We partner with the Henry County Community Foundation in serving our youngest citizens through the Early Childhood/Preschool Initiative.

To respond to the above questions and to address the voids, we have five committees: 1) family/youth/health, 2) community involvement and public relations, and 3) business, 4) government issues, and 5) education issues. Each committee is charged with staying focused, looking for ways to collaborate with other people/organizations, seeking stakeholders who can help solve problems facing the city/county and its people.

More Background Information:

•Non-profit group

•Funds come from grants and donations

•Host many events and projects each year to help the community

•Partner with existing entities whenever possible

 We meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the The HOPE Building, 1426 Broad Street, 6:30-8:45 pm