Child Development Accreditation

HOPE Initiative, acting on the forums of 2012-13, has begun the journey toward a network of excellent childcare centers around the county. Named the Henry County Community Foundation “Project of the Year,” and partnering with the City and County and with HUFFER, Inc, a early childhood resource center that serves Henry County, HOPE is please to have four participants officially participating in the effort: Head Start, Agape, Cradles, and the YMCA Preschool. Participation is not limited to these four established schools; other childcare entities are encouraged to join the conversation.

The creation of a stellar “early childhood/preschool center” calls for trained personnel working with our youngest citizens, all working meet Paths to Quality criterion as the finishing goal, and all participants seeking state licensure status. The national resource center HUFFER, Inc. is offering Child Development Accreditation (CDA) certification coursework, beginning in April, 2016. CDA training involves 120 face hours with instructors trained in childhood development. The course work is free to participants, is offered after 5:30 pm to accommodate participant schedules, and will be held in the HOPE Building training room at 1426 Broad Street. Slots still exist. Successful completion of the CDA program will translate to nine IVY Tech hours in Early Childhood program.

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