• A Poverty Simulation HOPE Initiative brings citizens together in search of a deeper understanding of the impact of poverty on the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live.  In a morning of intentionality, not offering up excuses, , people’s understanding of the impact of poverty is enhanced and their compassion is enlarged through a national simulation.  South Memorial Church of God hosts this event for HOPE. Date to be determined.


  • Spring Clean-up….and Plant-down, April 22-April 23:   This year, our clean up will encompass a diligent effort, taking on a variety of fix up, paint up, and tear down projects, culminating on April 23, noon, when, again, we will offer a neighborhood a “hand up” in accomplishing spring cleaning.  Along with cleaning, we are adding a planting component: trees and smaller plants.  We will kick off our effort by assisting with a Healthy Communities project; we will help plant trees at Baker Park and in other areas on Earth Day, April 22. Always, we look to partners in our efforts.  Residents are so appreciative. (Our first year in this particular project, in three and a half hours, we picked up 12,000 pounds of throw away, things that do not get picked up in routine weekly trash collection.)  This year’s specific area for clean-up will be decided at the April 14 meeting.  Traditionally, we begin the morning with breakfast at a nearby church, work for a good three hours, and end our morning with a lunch provided by Stonebrooke.  


  • Active Living Workshop, Thursday, April 28, 9 am- 4 pm, Public Library.  Registration required.



  • A plant swap, Saturday, May 14, 8:30-9:45 am (and again in the fall) allows gardeners to share their plants and plant magazines and plant containers with others.  No cost….just bring an appropriate swap item.  Join other green-thumbers at 8:30 am at Millstone Farms and Gardens, 1500 Alabama Street, New Castle, west of the Henry County Memorial Hospital.  The actual swap begins at 9 am sharp.  Rain or shine.


  • Summer “Outdoor Living and Garden Tour” occurs annually, this year on June 18. Area citizens open their yards to neighbors from New Castle and surrounding towns, sharing both the beauty of their gardens, but also tips that can be used by those who also garden.  Cost is $5 per ticket.  Tickets will be available for sale at area businesses, starting May 12


  • Back-to-School Festival, July 25, celebrates the power of education in the lives of our children.  

        Food and games are offered to all children who attend  the event, sponsored by HOPE and the LOVE CENTER, working with many other organizations, businesses, and area churches.  Along with food and games, some children receive book bags and school supplies, haircuts by Colourz stylists, dental exams by Dr. Seth Conley, and other prizes provided by local businesses and law enforcement officials.  All elementary principals attend, welcoming students back to schoolOver 450 filled book-bags were distributed last year alone.


  • A fall plant swap, Saturday, Sept. 17, allows gardeners to share their plants and plant magazines and plant containers with others.  No cost….just bring an appropriate swap item.  Join other greenthumbers at 8:30 am at Millstone Farms and Gardens at 1500 Alabama Street, New Castle.


  • HOPE Initiative participates in the Chamber-sponsored Christmas Walk, first week of December..

  • THE Donut Run, December 24, 10:30 pm:  We take a token of love to those who work on our behalf on Christmas Eve, EMS, police, hospital, nursing homes, etc..  What fun!!